Well X Trol WX 202 Product Review: Is It Worth The Price?

The Well X Trol WX 202 is amongst the most popular pre-pressurized well tank brands available today based on sales and customer reviews.

It is well known for its performance, longevity and it is made by a highly recognized brand that’s been around forever.

Many customers choose it for the 7 year warranty. Which is 2 years longer than the competitors. Longer warranties indicate that it is a superior product.

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Customers Talk About The Well-X-Trol WX-202

The unique water chamber design and sealed air charge make it the perfect choice for professionals. The tank also comes standard with the latest Tuf-Kote indoor/outdoor coating technology. Which helps the tank to last longer by making it virtually impervious to the harshest environments. So, you can expect years of worry-free service.

The tank is further reinforced with heavy-duty butyl and high strength steel which gives it that talked about legendary service life.

While just about every review of the Well X Trol WX 202 has good things to say about the pressure tank, the end-user has rarely been surveyed. So, in this review, we’ll take a slightly different approach. We’ll talk about this product based on what people who have purchased and installed it has to say.

If anything, it should give you, i.e., a potential buyer, some insight into what to expect. So, the Well X Trol WX 202 does live up to all the hype and the established brand reputation we always hear about.

The Tank Comes Well Packaged

The vast majority of reviews from people who purchased the Well X-Trol-WX-202 said that they loved the fact that the tank was well packaged. Like all well tanks, transportation can lead to a less than desirable appearance in the form of dents. Which does not affect its working pressure but certainly affects its appearance. That’s why high-quality packaging is so important.

The fact that the wx202 pressure tank comes so well packaged means that it will arrive in one piece. Without dents or any other sort of damage. In fact, just a couple of reviewers on Amazon received a slightly dented tank. All the others were perfectly content with their tanks. Which means that you can be assured of it arriving in one piece without damage.

Easy To Replace the Existing Pressure Tank

Many of the reviews talk about how easy it is to replace their existing or first pre-pressurized well tank with the Well X Trol WX 202. All the fittings easily match up with their existing tanks. Some of them were over 12 years old, and installation was easy. The stainless steel system connection and the air valve, both of which are conveniently located, add to the ease of replacing it.

In all fairness, Amtrol tanks have generally been easy to replace. One significant reason being is that they are pretty standard in terms of how they are installed. So, taking the old one out and putting the new one in takes a matter of minutes. Most people with basic tools can pull it off.

Amtrol Well X Trol WX 202 is Durable

While the well-x-troll wx-202 is a relatively new model, most people who have purchased and used it report that the tank is highly durable. However, it isn’t uncommon for an Amtrol tank to last thirty years. Some people purchased the Well X Trol WX 202 simply because their old one lasted so long, So, they expected the same type of service life from this one. If the reviews are anything to go by, so far the Wx 202 well tank isn’t disappointing anyone.

Based on the build quality, we’d have to agree that the Well X Trol WX 202 can, if installed and used correctly, last a few decades.

Value for Money and Pricing

The Well X Trol WX 202 is a comparatively more expensive tank. You can buy a 40 gallon larger tank from any other brand for almost the same price.

However, many people gravitate towards the Amtrol tank because they strongly believe that it will deliver the same decades-long service life that they got from the previous model.

While there is nothing wrong with newer brands and relatively unknown brands, the fact remains that they are untested. So, the value for money for those brands is vastly unknown.

As for the Well X Trol WX 202, the majority of people have said that despite the higher price tag, the fact that the tank can potentially last decades means it turns out to be cheaper in the long term and offers more value for money. Plus, the well-x-troll wx-202 offers a couple of features that are not found with competing brands. The extra features are an added bonus that many buyers have considered before deciding to go for the Well-X-Trol WX-202.

The Warranty

While not many people who purchased the Well X Trol WX 202 were too concerned about the warranty in their reviews, it is certainly a factor. The Well X Trol WX 202 comes with a 7-year warranty. Which is far more than what you’ll find with other brands. It is also one of the reasons why some people decide to pay the extra money for it.

The warranty is also an assurance that the Amtrol stands behind the quality of their tanks. That gives potential buyers the confidence they need to buy it.

Final Word

The Amtrol wellxtrol wx202is an excellent tank, a statement that many buyers stand by, especially after they purchased the tank.

However, Amtrol perhaps benefits greatly from the excellent tanks they have manufactured in the past, which have helped establish the brand as an industry leader.

That equity, if you may, has resulted in just about every tank they have manufactured and sold, including the Well X Trol WX 202, being highly successful.

That’s why if you’re in the market for a pressure tank, you can’t go wrong with the Well X Trol WX 202. It has just about everything, i.e., quality, price, brand loyalty, warranty, and ease of installation going for it. Check the price – Click Here

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  1. Replaced my wellxtrol wx202 date stamped 8.29.74 because it wasn’t holding consistant air pressure anymore. 47+ yrs very satisfied. Installed the same should outlive me. Keep up the good work!!


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