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Well Pressure Tank Guide: (DIY) Problems, Sizing, Types, PSI

How often do you replace a well pump?That will depend upon if the well pressure tank is operating properly. If …

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Choosing The Best Mobile Home Water Heater For You

As I researched for this mobile home water heater article I found several products being sold that were not HUD …

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Plumber Las Vegas, Henderson NV 1- 888-548-3652 Call 24/7

Searching for “plumber Las Vegas” hoping to find the one plumbing company that can solve your plumbing problem fast and …

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Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve Leaking? What to Do?

Having a leaking T&P valve is bad enough. But having a water heater pressure relief valve leaking after replacement is …

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Water Heater Leaking From Bottom? What To Do? (DIY fixes)

Some water heater leaking from bottom problems are DIY fixable, and others aren’t. I’ll show you how to determine why …

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Water Heater Leaking? Find It, Fix It (DIY). Need A Pro?

Many water heater leaking problems can be DIY repair projects. However, knowing what is causing a leaking water heater can …

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Suburban RV Water Heater Guide: 6-10-12 Gallon and Tankless

That old Suburban RV water heater needs to be replaced, but what model do I buy? Can a 10 or …

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Power Vent Water Heater: Rheem, AO Smith, Bradford White

In my house, I currently have an old power vent water heater that needs to be replaced before it fails. …

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Best Tea Water Heater: Electric, Stovetop, Plastic Free

There are over 4,000 tea kettles to choose from. I spent many long days (drinking green tea) to find the …

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Best Water Heater Kettle Guide: Plastic-Free, Stainless and Glass

Does a completely plastic-free electric water heater kettle even exist? Yes, but they are VERY rare. I spent countless hours …

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Bradford White Water Heater Reviews: Good, Bad or Smart?

After running a snow thrower for a couple hours during a Minnesota snowstorm, I really appreciate taking a hot shower. …

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Tank and Tankless Point Of Use Water Heater Buying Guide

Want instant hot water in the master bath or kitchen sink? Then a point of use water heater is exactly …

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I Need A Sediment and Limescale Tankless Water Heater Filter?

Do I really need to buy a tankless water heater filter? Well, yes, you do. Here’s why: Everything in your …

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RV Tankless Water Heater & Tank Style RV Water Heater Guide

Choosing an RV tankless water heater over just replacing the old tank style heater is a great choice, but might …

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Combi Boiler Guide: Combination Boiler and Hot Water Heater

Replacing a boiler or furnace and a hot water heater as separate units is not always the best idea. Buying …

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Home and RV Water Products

Sump Pump Keeps Running Constantly? Why? What Must I Do?

When a sump pump keeps running there is a problem that must be fixed. The longer homeowners wait, the more …

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Jackel Sewage Basin Review 30-45-72-110 Gallon Comparisons

Choosing the best sized Jackel sewage basin is important. The pump will run for the proper amount of time to …

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Sump Pump Drain Tile for Basements and Outdoors. What Is It?

What is a Sump Pump Drain Tile System? If you own a home with a basement and it has previously …

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Perforated Jackel Sump Basin Review 18 x 24 Inch (SF22A-DR)

I have scoured the internet to compile customer reviews of the Model SF22A-DR perforated Jackel sump basin so you don’t …

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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Sump Pump? Truthfully?

A friend of mine just hired a company to repair a concrete block basement wall and install a sump pump …

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Do I Need a Sump Pump in Crawl space, Basement, or on A Hill?

I live in Minnesota the Land Of 10,000 Wet Basements. I do not have a wet basement or even a …

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Water Coming Out of the Ground in The Yard? What To Do?

Seeing unexpected water coming out of the ground in the yard is never a good thing. Usually, it means that …

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9 Sump Pump Cover Ideas to Hide a Sump Pump in A Basement

Sump pumps are ugly and loud but a necessity to keep the house dry and mold free. As more people …

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Why Is My Sump Pump’s Alarm Going Off? What Must I Do?

If a sump pump alarm goes off, it is normally caused by one of two reasons. The first is that …

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Do I Need a Sump Pump Basin with Holes? Problem Solved!

The real question is: Do I need more holes in the sump pump basin? Maybe and maybe not. Another question …

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Sump Pump vs French Drain: Do I Need Both for Yard Flooding?

Many people are confused about exterior outdoor yard systems and interior basement or crawl space systems. When considering the value …

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Sump Pump Draining into the Yard? Why? What To Do About It?

A basement or crawl space sump pump keeps your house dry but it might make a muddy mess in the …

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How to Safely Drain an Inground Pool with A Sump Pump

Knowing how to safely drain an inground pool could save your marriage. Just try telling the spouse that the pool …

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Why Do I Need an Exterior Sump Pump and How Does It Work?

You probably know what a basement sump pump is and what it does but what is an exterior sump pump? …

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How To Get Water Off A Pool Cover With A Pool Cover Pump

When it’s springtime in Minnesota (or elsewhere), it’s time to uncover the pool. April showers bring May flowers but it …

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However, I am starting with hot water heaters and boilers for homes, offices and businesses. Lately, I did an exhaustive search for plastic free water heater kettles and tea kettles.

Also, I have just started writing about water wells and what is needed to keep them operating reliably.

Later, I expect to start talking about water pumps for home and business use. You will also see water filtration and water filter systems and devices for the home and businesses.

I’ve got my eye on some fun water products for children and adults too.

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