Best Water Heater Kettle Guide: Plastic-Free, Stainless and Glass

Does a completely plastic-free electric water heater kettle even exist? Yes, but they are VERY rare. I spent countless hours (lost track after 90 hours) minutely examining nearly a thousand kettles.

However, if you want an electric gooseneck water heater kettle, you are in luck. Those are a little more commonly available.

What about an all glass water heater kettle? Maybe. I found one that appears to NOT have an exposed plastic or silicone Automatic Power Shut Off Hole. What the heck is that? Let me explain…

Plastic Free Water Heater Kettle

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Not All Water Heater Kettles Are Alike

Finding the best electric water kettle no plastic, was far more difficult than I could have imagined. So, I have tried to make this easy for you, no matter what style electric water kettle you prefer.

When it comes to boiling water – whether it’s for a quick cup of tea, or to make oatmeal for the whole family – there are basically three available options. One is to simply boil water in a pot on the stove. The second option is to use a stovetop kettle. But the ultimate in simplicity, functionality and convenience is to pick up a quality brand of electric water heater kettle.

Sure, boiling water on the stovetop can get the job done. But using a cordless electric kettle is quicker and safer. It also uses less energy, so it can save you a little on your utility bills. Note: the plastic free kettle does not have a cord attached to it. However, the base that the kettle sits upon, does have a cord.

While there seems to be an endless array of options in the electric kettle market, not all kettles are created equal. In fact, some may be dangerous to operate, due to their plastic interiors, or cheap electrics.

Water, Water, Everywhere – Not A Drop Fit To Drink

Many people are worried about chemicals being leached out of plastic by hot water. Boiling water is logically worse than warm water, and steam is probably even worse yet.

The original big scare was the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA). So, today many water heater kettle products claim to be BPA Free. Well, the plasctic may well be BPA Free, but if the plastic is being heated by your water heater kettle, is it safe to drink?

That led to the realization that other chemicals could also be released into our water from plastics. Which brings us to the Automatic Power Shut Off Hole.

Automatic Power Shut Off Hole. Worried About Plastic?

Many kettle manufacturers claim to have BPA and even plastic free kettles. However, many of them do have plastic parts that are exposed to water vapor and steam. So, even if the boiling water doesn’t touch any plastic parts, the hot steam can.

How much plastic you are willing to put up with is up to you. Many people are happy with lids and lid hinges made of plastic. Some people are OK with silicone seals between glass and metal parts. So, how do you feel about stainless steel spout strainers that have plastic edges? I have seen them all.

The Automatic Power Shut Off Hole is located where the top of the handle is attached to the kettle.

Sometimes there is a plastic piece that fits around the hole, but many times there isn’t. However, that hole usually leads into the plastic handle.

NO, the lid does not cover over that hole.

For many people this is not an issue they are worried about. For other people, it’s a deal killer.

Automatic Power Shut Off Hole in an electric kettle.

What I set out to do is find the best of the best when it comes to electric kettles. But I soon realized that not everyone wants the same features. In my research, I discovered that the best plastic free kettles fit into one of three categories: stainless steel, stainless steel gooseneck, and glass carafe styles. Each has their own advantages. But it really depends on how you plan to use your kettle, and how much plastic you can live with.

Stainless steel kettles are generally the most durable and fit in well with kitchens outfitted with other stainless steel appliances.

Glass kettles allow you to see exactly how much water is inside at a glance and those that are equipped with LED lights provide an eye-appealing visual display as the water heats up.

Gooseneck electric kettles look terrific and are primarily designed for heating water for various teas or pour-over coffee. This style of spout facilitates a uniform and softer flow of water – creating the perfect, full-bodied taste.

This type of kettle is generally smaller in capacity with most capable of handling just one or two cups – maximum.

Other kettle designs can handle up to 8 cups of hot water.

Rozmoz Electric Gooseneck Kettle, Stainless Steel Electric Kettle, Coffee/Tea Kettle, 1000W Rapid Heating, 0.8L

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Are Electric Kettles The Most Used Appliance?

Its sole purpose is to heat up water. Yet the electric kettle has become an essential appliance in most modern kitchens.

Not only is a kettle a key component for preparing coffee, tea, or hot chocolate – it’s also useful for a number of kitchen tasks including making liquid broth from concentrated cubes, preparing instant (or from scratch) soups – even cooking pasta. However you use your kettle, it’s probably one appliance that gets used several times every day.

What’s Most Important In Choosing The Right Kettle?

Several factors come into play when considering the best plastic free water heater kettle for you. It’s best to find a model that boils the water quickly. But you also want a spout that pours without splashing or spilling. Of equal importance is a handle that’s comfortable to grab and lift when the kettle is full of water.

A good kettle should be solid and stable on its base and feels comfortable and secure when you lift it in your hand. Many kettles these days are cordless – in fact, that’s the only type we recommend.

You simply lift the carafe off the base to fill or to pour steaming hot water into your cup. It’s a little easier to manage than constantly watching out for the cord of the old-style electric kettle. All kettles we have highlighted offer 360° compatibility. That means you can set the carafe anywhere on the base (you don’t have to place it in a specific position) and it will work automatically.

Power Indicator Lights

Most quality kettles have switches that light up when the water is in the process of heating and shut off when the water completes its selected cycle – or comes to a full boil. That’s something you just can’t get when boiling water on the stove.

With stovetop models, you’ll hear the whistle – and you’ll need to attend to it right away. But these electric kettles shut down on autopilot.

You want the light to be bright enough so that you can see it if you’re several steps away.

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Speed and Capacity

Boiling speed and water capacity are also important factors to consider. Logically, you might think that the fastest boil times would belong to smaller capacity kettles. But that’s not the case. For example

Visible Water Levels

Many find it helpful when you can see the water level as you fill it. Glass kettles make this effortless. You know at a glance how much water you have inside.

Most stainless steel models rely on small windows to indicate water levels.

Some versions only feature small etchings inside the water receptacle, which makes it a little more difficult to know whether you’ve got enough water or not.

This is my favorite design. Full glass container surrounded with cool touch exterior – Click Here

Regular Cleaning

Another factor to consider is that sooner or later, every kettle will need to be cleaned, but to what degree largely depends on the quality of the water and frequency of cleaning. Whatever type of kettle you settle on – you can count on scale building up inside. So you’ll need to clean it periodically.

But some models make this task exceedingly difficult. With a narrow opening, it’s hard to get your hand inside. Of course you can always pour vinegar directly inside to serve as a de-scaling agent.

Filling and Pouring

The best kettles offer wide openings that enable easy filling. But they also need to have handles that are comfortable to hold (and preferably textured for security) with pour spouts that provide consistent and smooth water flow, without spills or splashes.

Inferior electric kettles put your hands dangerously close to the hot water or steam. Some have lids that flip back quickly, which could spill droplets of steaming hot water onto your skin.

Tea Drinkers Favor Preset Temperatures

If you’re a tea drinker who loves a variety of herbal teas – or someone who loves perfectly-brewed French Press coffee – you may prefer a kettle that offers preset temperatures.

These ones provide various settings – each identified for a specific type of beverage like Oolong tea, for example.

Avoid The Dangers of BPA

Today’s best-selling electric kettles are made primarily from stainless steel and glass, though some have had their exteriors coated in enamel. But strangely, some electric water heater kettles are made almost entirely of plastic.

The real danger is having plastic that makes contact with the water. BPA found in plastics has been known to leach into water and this process seems to be amplified when the water is heated. For this reason, you should avoid any kettle that has plastic on the inside – whether it’s the carafe itself, or the lid. It’s just not worth the risk.

Everyone is looking for something a little different whether it’s the size, functions, or look. What’s perfect for someone else might not be perfect for you. But the key is to buy a quality kettle that’s both safe and effective. Below are our top picks in each category – starting with stainless steel devices.

Stainless Steel Electric Water Heater Kettles

Yabano Electric Water Heater Kettle 7 Cups Hot Water In 2 Minutes

Another kettle with an Automatic Power Shut Off Hole.

Another stellar stainless steel kettle is this option from Yabano. It’s a full capacity kettle of 1.7 liters and 1500 Watts of power.

But here’s what’s a little bit different about this kettle and why you might want to consider it. Yabano boils water extremely fast. We’re talking a full kettle’s worth of full-boil water in just two to four minutes.

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That’s impressive and it’s one of the reasons why this one is popular not just for homes, but for office use too. Nobody likes to wait. With Yabano, you don’t have to.

It offers a 100% stainless steel interior with a double wall construction, so it’s safe to touch. Once it reaches a boil, this kettle shuts off straight away – so you don’t have to worry about checking in on it.

GEVI by Barsetto 1.7L 7Cups Electric Kettle 1500W Fast Boiling Heater

The Auto Power Shut Off Hole is made of white BPA free plastic. Otherwise, the interior is solid stainless steel.

Opens wide for easy water filling and the occasional cleaning.

This 1.7 liter (7 full cups) kettle by Barsetto is a good sized kettle that heats up fast. If you aren’t that fast in the morning then the automatic shut off function plus boil-dry protection is just what you need.

The plastic parts are BPA-free. So, drink up.

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This Barsetto kettle claims 1550 Watts of power and is capable of boiling a full pot of water in abut six to eight minutes.

IKICH 1.7L, Stainless Steel Water Heater Kettle, Tea Kettle

Here’s another solid 1.7 liter, 1500 Watt stainless steel electric kettle. This one is by IKICH. The interior is made entirely from glass and food grade stainless steel, so you get quality water that’s odor and chemical-free with every boil.

Automatic shut off and boil protection are just two of the features this IKICH model offers. It boils water fast too – just 5 – 6 minutes gives you a full kettle of freshly-boiled water.

Hot Water Kettle, IKICH 1.7L BPA-Free Electric Kettle 1500W Fast Boiling water, Cordless Glass Kettle with Led Indicator, Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Protection

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Topwit Electric Kettle, 2L Electric Tea Kettle with Stainless Steel Inner Bottom and Lid

This TOPWIT electric kettle is another one of our selections in the stainless steel water heater kettle category. This one is even larger at 2 full liters or 8.45 cups in capacity.

It features stainless steel on the inside liner, bottom and inner lid – all the key areas – so you don’t have to worry about any plastic making contact with your water. (I don’t know if it has a Power Shut Off Hole).

Thermal insulation ensures that it’s safe to touch the exterior of the kettle. It looks pretty cool too.

This TOPWIT kettle also comes with automatic shut off and boil-protection. So no matter how busy you get – you won’t have to worry about the kettle running endlessly, or boiling dry.

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Plastic Free Secura SWK-1701DB The Original Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle 1.8 Quart

This one is extremely popular and highly rated by previous buyers. What looks like a Power Shut Off Hole – ISN”T. That hole enables the lid to lach shut and is completely covered by the stainless lid.

It’s completely BPA-free and features a stainless steel carafe, lid, spout, and rim.

At a 1.8 quart (1.7 liters) capacity – it’s a solid, all-around household kettle that holds up very well.

With 1500 Watts, it heats up water efficiently and is cool to the touch.

Electric kettle with no plastic inside. Available in Black, Black Onyx, Dark Purple, Orange, Red and White. Click Here

VOSEN Electric Kettle 1.7L Double Wall Stainless Steel,1500W Fast Boiling

Some folks find a 1.5 liter kettle just a little too small. When that’s the case, here’s an option worth taking a look at. It’s a 1.7L capacity stainless steel electric kettle from Vosen.

What’s terrific about this one is that it features food grade stainless steel on the inside lid, spout, rim and kettle liners. Vosen has deployed stainless steel in every area that matters. However, it does has a Power Shut Off Hole.

It boasts 1500 Watts of power with automatic shut down when the water is ready, as well when an empty carafe is detected on the base of the kettle. These kinds of safety features make the Vosen kettle one you can use without worry.    

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Electric Stainless Steel Water Heater Kettle Comparisons

Brand/ModelCapacityWattageTime To BoilingVariable TemperatureAuto Shut-OffTouch Safe
Power Shut Off Hole
1.7 Liters
7.18 cups
15002-4 minutesNoYesYes
GEVI by Barsetto
Power Shut Off Hole
1.7 Liters
7.18 cups
15002-7 MinutesNoYesYes
Power Shut Off Hole
1.7 Liters
7.18 cups
15005-6 minutes 1.5LNoYesYes
Plastic Content Unknown
2 Liters
8.45 cups

Plastic Free
1.7 Liters
7.18 cups
Power Shut Off Hole
1.7 Liters
7.18 cups
15006 minutes or lessNoYesYes

Gooseneck Stainless Steel Water Heater Kettles

Most Popular Gooseneck: COSORI Electric Gooseneck Pour-Over Kettle with 5 Variable Presets

This COSORI electric gooseneck kettle is another popular kettle – both online and offline. It scores an impressive 4.8 stars out of 5 – from nearly 1800 actual customer reviews (at the time of this writing). That’s pretty impressive and a sure-fire sign of a quality product.

Though smaller at only .8 liters in capacity, it’s a stylish kettle with a gorgeous gooseneck spout that’s finished in an attractive matte black. With variable temperature settings, this beautiful COSORI kettle makes an ideal gift for any tea lover.

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There is a small temperature probe in the bottom of the kettle that has a metal seal around it. Except for exterior only plastic parts, this COSORI model offers 100% stainless steel construction inside, including the inner lid and bottom, plus, it boasts 1200 Watts of water heating power.

And this particular gooseneck kettle has a built-in warming feature that will keep the water at your selected temperature for 60 minutes – perfect for enjoying that second cup.

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With the correct setting you’ll ensure that your tea leaves never get scorched, which can occur when the water comes to a full boil.

You’ll hear a tone that beeps three times in succession once the water has reached the selected temperature for the setting. But if the last thing you want is more noise in your life, you can easily disable the feature on the COSORI gooseneck kettle.

There is no Teflon or chemical linings used on the COSORI – only food-grade stainless steel on the housing, spout, and lid. What this means is that you can count on the purest tasting (and healthiest) hot water every time.

And the stainless steel lid is safe to touch after the water has boiled – just be very careful with any steam that may emerge.

This kettle features high-strength laser welding, which makes it virtually leak-proof. And with its built-in precision spout, you can count on the perfect pour over flow rate that’s ideal for both tea and coffee.

For added safety, the COSORI kettle has both a boil dry feature and an automated shut off switch when the water reaches the desired temperature.

It also has other cool features like touch sensitive controls and a nonslip handle that remains cool at any temperature. To keep your kitchen counter tidy, the unused length of power cord can be stored inside the base which was also designed to prevent slipping on any surface – even those with glossy finishes.


  • Extended two year warranty with registration
  • Quality well-built product that functions appropriately
  • Aesthetically pleasing (this stylish design would look great on any countertop)
  • Wide range of temperature settings allow for perfect teas and coffees
  • Longer cord provides additional location opportunities
  • Well-balanced handle that’s easy to manage
  • Beautiful spout provides a smooth and even pour-over
  • The knob on the lid remains cool so refilling after boiling is easy and safe
  • Shuts off when it supposed to (so you don’t have to worry about it like you would with a stovetop kettle)
  • Looks like a traditional stovetop kettle but it’s electric (so you get the vintage design with all the modern features)


  • Beep volume is too low
  • Buttons are built to resemble touch-screen buttons rather than actual manual buttons
  • Compared to some, it’s a relatively expensive kettle
  • Provided instructions suggests that the teapot should be dried after each use and de-scaled on a weekly basis (which is not particularly convenient for most people)
  • Beeping sound seems to stop working at some point

Additional Gooseneck Stainless Electric Kettles That Deserve Honorable Mention (Not in any particular order)

Willsence Electric Gooseneck Kettle, 100% Stainless Steel, BPA-Free, with Auto Shut-Off Protection

Willsence offers a beautiful stainless steel gooseneck style electric kettle. It’s a 1200 Watt model with a .8 liter capacity and automatic shut off – unlike stovetop gooseneck kettles.

It’s beautifully styled spout pours hot water slowly and uniformly. So you get the perfect saturation over ground coffee and tea leaves – giving you a robust and flavorful cup of your beverage of choice.

This kettle is constructed of food grade stainless steel – including the base, spout and inner lid with no interior plastic parts. The temperature probe is stainless and it appears to be sealed by welding.

Willsence also offers nearly the best warranty in the market that spans 2 full years. That’s very generous and speaks volumes abut the quality of the product.

Willsence Electric Gooseneck Kettle with Temperature Control, 1200W Pour Over Electric Kettle for Coffee and Tea, Stainless Steel Inner Lid and Bottom

Precise Temperature Control 100-212F. Auto Shut-Off and Best Warranty. Get This One – Click Here

Willsence Electric Gooseneck Kettle with Temperature Control, 1200W Pour Over Electric Kettle for Coffee and Tea, 100% Stainless Steel Inner Lid and Bottom, Matte Black

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Zeonetak Electric Gooseneck Kettle with Thermometer Lid

Zeonetak offers a slightly larger gooseneck style kettle at a 1 liter capacity.

It boasts 1000 Watts of power and with its 100% stainless steel construction, it’s completely safe to use.

With freshly boiled water that’s ready in three to five minutes – it’s quite fast too.

And with the automatic shut off feature – you can set it and forget it.

The underside of the lid is stainless and the temperature probe appears to have a press-fit seal. So, no silicone seal that I’m aware of. As near as I can tell, there are no plastic parts on the inside.

Use The Handy Thermometer On Top Click Here

Jocuu Pour Over Coffee Kettle Tea Kettle Gooseneck Kettle with precise Temperature Control 100-212F

This Jocuu Pour Over Coffee Kettle is the perfect pour-over kettle for one or two cups of coffee or tea at a time with its .8 liter carafe.

With 1200 Watts, there’s more than enough power to produce hot water in little time – just three minutes to be precise.

This offering also comes with automatic shut off and boil-protection – two key safety features that are important in a kettle.

Inside, the carafe, bottom, spout and lid are all made from food grade stainless steel.

Keeps warm for 60 minutes. Take A Look – Click Here

With one degree precise brewing temperature settings on the Jocuu – it’s easy to get that authentic café experience right at home.

Rozmoz Electric Gooseneck Kettle with Coffee, Tea, Milk Temperature Settings. Hot Water In 1 Minute

Here’s another beautiful gooseneck electric kettle. This one’s from Rozmoz and it’s another kettle with 1000 Watts of power and .8 liter capacity.

It’s got six different temperature settings, plus auto shut off and boil dry protection too. The insulated handle makes it easy and safe to pick up and hold as you make your tea or coffee.

But the one feature that makes this gooseneck kettle stand out from the others is its rapid boiling time. You can enjoy fresh boiled water in as little as one minute (in warmer climates) – which is astonishing when you think about it.

There is a small temperature probe in the bottom. As near as I can tell there No exposed silicone seal around that probe. That would make this plastic free on the inside.

Rozmoz Electric Gooseneck Kettle, Stainless Steel Electric Kettle, Coffee/Tea Kettle, 1000W Rapid Heating, 0.8L

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Stariver Electric Kettle Gooseneck Kettle, 1.2L Auto-Shut Off and Boil-Dry Protection, Dark Blue

When size is a key consideration, but you love the gooseneck style of kettle, consider this one from Stariver.

Its 1.2 liter capacity (and 1000 Watts) makes it notably larger than the others and it’s got the same kind of safety features, like automatic shut off at the end of a cycle and boil-dry protection.

I have not seen the interior of this water heater kettle. So, I do not know if there are any silicone seals inside.

However, the manufacturer claims the interior of the Stariver is built entirely from food grade stainless steel – so you never have to worry and impurities from plastics leaching into your water.

The handle on this kettle is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and grip. It also has plenty of insulation inside, so it’s cool to the touch.

Gooseneck Water Heater Kettle Comparisons

CapacityWattageTime To BoilingVariable TemperatureAuto Shut-OffTouch Safe

Black Exterior
Plastic Free Kettle
3.38 cups
12003-5 minutesYesYesHandle
Stainless Inside & Out
Plastic Free
3.38 cups
12003-5 minutesYesYesHandle
Willsence Black
Plastic Free
3.38 cups
1200 3-5 minutesYes Yes Handle
Willsence White
Plastic Free
3.38 cups
1200 3-5 minutes Yes Yes Handle
Probably Plastic Free
4.22 cups
10003-5 minutesNoYesHandle
Jocuu Plastic Free0.8L
3.38 cups
1-3 minutes
Probably Plastic Free
3.38 cups
10001 minuteYesYesHandle
Plastic content is unknown
5.07 cups

Glass Water Heater Kettles

Dezin Electric Tea Water Heater Kettle with Keep Warm Function, 1.5L Cool Touch Stainless

I don’t own this kettle, but to the best of my knowledge, it has NO water exposed plastic parts.

DEZIN makes a decent – and very affordable glass electric kettle. Not only does it look stunning – it performs flawlessly.

It features a double wall construction, plus automatic shut off and boil-dry protection.

On this model, the entire water receptacle is crafted from borosilicate glass. A glass well-known for its resistance to heat cracks.

The bottom and the inner lid is made from100% food grade stainless steel – so it’s much safer than any of those kettles that are primarily plastic.

The entire water receptacle is borosilicate glass. Stainless lid. Safe touch exterior. Click Here

GEVI by Barsetto 1.7L Electric Kettle with 1500W Fast Boiling Heater

This item has an Automatic Power Shut Off Hole.

Features an anti-splashing lid.

This 1.7 liter (8 full cups) kettle by Barsetto is a good sized kettle that features a removable filter screen, cool LED light and automatic shut off function plus boil-dry protection.

It’s plastic free and therefore BPA-free.

This Barsetto kettle claims 1550 Watts of power and is capable of boiling a full pot of water in abut six to eight minutes.

Glass Water Heater Kettle Comparisons

Brand/ModelCapacityWattageTime To BoilingVariable TemperatureAuto Shut-OffTouch Safe
Best Safety

Probably Plastic Free
6.34 cups
800Customer says about 8 minutesNoYesYes
GEVI by Barsetto
Power Shut Off Hole
7.18 cups
15007 minutesNoYesYes

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