Best Tea Water Heater: Electric, Stovetop, Plastic Free

There are over 4,000 tea kettles to choose from. I spent many long days (drinking green tea) to find the best tea water heater. Truth be told, there is no one best tea kettle – that’s why there are so many of them!

My primary goal was to find a plastic free water heater that was electric, or for stovetop use. I’m talking about INTERIOR plastic free.

Some kettles, but not every kettle in this article is totally plastic free. Why? Because not everyone is as picky as I am. However, I will clearly point out the plastic free kettles, and which ones have plastic parts.

Best Tea Water Heater Electric, Stovetop, Plastic Free

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A Tea Water Heater For “Me” time

Tea time is “me” time – a chance to relax and savor the moment. Nothing else provides the comfort, satisfaction and “recharge” effect of a fresh-brewed tea, even when it’s the only moment you get to yourself during a hectic day. And it’s even better when shared with friends and loved ones.

We all have our favorites. And many tea lovers know that a robust flavor, served at just the right temperature – makes all the difference. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that this perfect cup of tea starts with the tea water kettle you use.

Choices Are Many

The problem comes when you start to search for a new tea kettle. There are dozens – if not hundreds – of available brands, models and types.

If you’re looking for an electric tea water heater, Japanese, stainless, glass, portable, green tea, or any other type of tea water heater – this article is for you. It will save you hours of research and more importantly – save you from buying an inferior tea kettle and wasting your hard-earned money.

Beware of the Dangers of Plastic

The thing to remember is that not all tea water heaters are created equal. Many in fact can be downright dangerous, due primarily to the presence of plastics. We don’t recommend touching those with a ten-foot pole.

Sure, plastics in general have provided a new level of convenience. But there’s a high price to pay for that convenience. Not only are they bad for the environment – they’re bad for your health and well-being.

What we now know about plastics is that we should keep plastics apart from anything that we put into our bodies. And the problem is only exacerbated when what we ingest is heated with plastic components.

Therefore, we strongly recommend only tea water heaters in which the water doesn’t ever come in contact with any plastic component.

Many plastics break down over time and leech toxic chemicals into the water. Not only does it affect the taste and smell of the water – and therefore your tea – but it’s just not good for anyone’s health. In our opinion, the best way to avoid these dangers is to steer clear of plastic.

The Best of the Best

We searched far and wide for the best types of tea water heaters we could find – online and off-line. Many didn’t make the cut because they had one or more plastic components that came in contact with the water or steam. In some cases it was the filter or the silicone seal between the glass and stainless components.

If there was even a single screw with a plastic seal around it – the kettle was instantly eliminated from our list. What remained are the best tea water heaters of each type, so you can choose any of our recommendations and not have to worry about those hidden dangers.

Best Glass Tea Water Kettle: The Hiware 1000ml Glass Teapot With Removable Infuser

The Hiware glass teapot is made from heat resistant borosilicate glass and is therefore stovetop safe. It features a non-dripping spout and comfortable, ergonomically-designed handle so you can have a solid grip with every pour.

Its stainless steel mesh and fuser is removable, so it’s easy to load and to clean afterwards.

And you can use this glass tea kettle with or without the infuser. It works just the same either way. It’s a solid choice for a variety of herbal teas and blooming teas.

By the way, you can use the Hiware teapot on an electric or gas powered stove top and even in the microwave.  The secret is to use a maximum of medium heat to bring your water to brewing – then reduce heat to low to keep your tea nice and hot.

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For safe, problem-free operation, it is recommended that you keep the heat to medium-low on the stove and then simmer on low for a few minutes, or until your tea is just right.

What we particularly liked about the Hiware glass tea water heater is that you can reheat your tea (any type or flavor) in the microwave, or on the stovetop, simply by placing the teapot on a burner.

Just a word of warning – if you’re placing this in the microwave, remember to always remove the metal infuser first.

You can also keep it warm with an open flame teapot warmer. But use extra caution whenever an open flame is involved. You can also place this glass teapot in the refrigerator – or in direct sunlight – when you’re brewing those cold teas, like those delicious (and expensive) ones Starbucks sells.

Top quality materials are deployed to create what we believe is a superior product. For example, the glass used in the Hiware teapot is thicker and stronger. It’s designed for everyday use and is dishwasher safe.

And the stainless steel mesh infuser is made of rust free material and is capable of steeping any type of loose leaf tea to produce that deep and satisfying flavor. As for the design, the spout provides an easy pour over with its precision control and- without any dripping. So making your favorite cup of tea is as easy as pie.

You can use the Hiware glass tea water heater for any kind of tea – bagged or loose-leaf. Flower teas, fruit teas, and savory herbal teas all taste great in this tea kettle.

To keep it clean, the manufacturer recommends rinsing with a little soapy water after each use. That’s the best way to keep it in tiptop shape.

It heats up fairly fast and – be forewarned – the handle can feel a little warm to some. So it’s a good idea to use an oven mitt if you like to pour your tea while the water is piping hot.

Bring the water to a boil and let your tea brew for a few minutes and turn off the heat. This way, when you’re ready to enjoy your tea, the handle is much more manageable after having cooled a little.

You can also use this kettle as a tea pot by pouring hot water into it from another source – like an electric kettle – and allowing it to steep in the Hiware carafe.


  • Loose-leaf tea does not escape from the infuser – it remains inside
  • Makes excellent tea and the tea stays hot for a longer time
  • It’s a portable teapot (unlike many electric kettles, you can simply pick this up and take it with you to wherever you want to sit and enjoy your cup of tea)
  • Can withstand boiling water being poured inside the kettle
  • Classy looking (it’s a nice modern design in a simple shape)
  • Sturdy and attractive (it’s the perfect combination of function and visual appeal)
  • With this teakettle, it’s easy to empty the pot without leaving any water inside (the lid doesn’t fall off when you’re pouring your tea)
  • Glass is strong and heat resistant
  • Stainless steel used on the infuser is rust resistant, food-grade stainless
  • Infuser is removable and fits snugly in place
  • Spout is well-designed so it does not spill any liquid
  • The bottom of the infuser sits close to the bottom of the pot, so you can make even a small quantity of loose leaf tea
  • Since it’s glass you can enjoy the colors of your various teas
  • Leaves no tea remnants in your cup
  • You can keep your tea as warm as you like on the stove top


  • You have to be careful not to overshoot when the teapot is full
  • It’s really tricky to clean the inside of the spout (since it’s made of glass, it tends to accumulate a yellow stain from the brewing tea)
  • You can’t use this teakettle on high heat
  • The handle may get a little warm (use oven mitts or let it cool first)
  • It’s a good quality tea pot (despite being made in China)

Glass Tea Water Heaters Worthy Of Honorable Mention

Hiware 32oz Stovetop Safe Glass Teapot with Removable Infuser, Coaster and Warmer Sleeve

There’s no doubt about it – Hiware makes some excellent glass kettles that have become favorites among tea drinkers. This one deploys the same Hiware engineering and quality materials as our favorite – including the borosilicate glass.

But this may be better suited to someone looking for a 32 ounce model in a taller shape. It comes with a bamboo trivet and customized cozy so you can place it anywhere without any damage and keep your tea nice and hot.

The non-drip spout makes it easy to pour. The carafe is both dishwasher and microwave-safe. You don’t have to use the infuser with the kettle. It’s easily removable and works either way.

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Hiware 45oz Large Glass Teapot Kettle with Infuser, Blooming & Loose Leaf Tea Pot

Looking for a larger size borosilicate glass kettle? If so, this one is for you. It’s a 5.5 cup (45 ounce) model in a rounded shape that is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

The large basket-style infuser is easily removable and the fine mesh helps create the best- tasting teas.

I like that the infuser sits deep into the pot. So, if you don’t need a full pot you don’t have to.

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Teapot with Stainless Steel Removable Infuser for Loose Leaf Tea, Coaster, Microwave & Stovetop Safe, Gift Box, 1200ml/40oz 

With this 5 cup (40 ounce) borosilicate glass tea kettle, there’s a wonderful infuser included. Fill it with any loose-leaf tea and bring your water to that perfect temperature.

Once your tea has steeped to perfection, you can remove the infuser and close the lid down tight on the infuser holder. What this does is help keep your perfectly-brewed tea at a  temperature that’s just right.

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Tall Glass Tea Water Heater Kettle with Infuser Set – Stovetop Tea Pot

This 4.9 cup (40 ounce) borosilicate glass tea kettle design features attractive yet simple design, with a glass handle that extends far enough away from the glass carafe that you never have to worry about getting scalded.

There are a couple of problems with this design however. Firstly, it takes two hands to pour your tea.

That’s because you have to hold onto the lid or it will fall off on you. Secondly, the lid fits into the infuser – so the infuser must always be used in order to use the lid.

That’s usually not a problem if what you’re brewing will be poured into cups straight away. But if you leave it with the lid on, your tea can become too overpowering.

This tall design is preferred by many people, and it is dishwasher safe. Get It Now – Click Here

Glass Tea Water Heater: Electric

washer Safe
Drip Free
Plastic Free
1 Liter
33.8 oz
4.1 cups
Plastic Free
.94 Liter
32 oz
3.9 cups
Plastic Free
1.33 Liter
45 oz
5.5 cups
Glass Teapot Kettle
Plastic Free
.94 Liter
32 oz
3.9 cups
Glass Teapot Kettle
By Kitchables

Plastic Free
1.18 Liter
40 oz
4.9 cups
YesYes, If it isn’t too tall at
7.5 inches

Best Plastic Free Stainless Electric Tea Water Heater: Secura SWK-1701DB 1.8 Quart

Entirely Plastic Free Interior

Secura SWK-1701DB Plastic Free All Stainless Water Heater Kettle and Tea Water Heater

Unlike other kettles that have an Automatic Power Off Hole in this same position, this one doesn’t have a screw head on either side of it. That means that this one can seal tight, because there are no screw heads in the way.

Our BEST choice in the stainless steel category of larger capacity tea water heaters is the Secura SWK-1701DB electric tea water heater.

This one boasts a 1.8 quart size (1.7 liter) – so there’s plenty of hot water for everyone.

It uses 1500 Watts of heating power and is ETL approved.

With its double-wall construction, it keeps the heat inside, while the outside stays cool enough to touch. You never have to worry about any plastic touching your water either.

It’s available in several different colors to fit any décor.

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PLASTIC FREE Chantal Mia eKettle Electric Tea Water Heater Kettle

Plastic Free and has an auto shut off and boil-dry feature.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a wide variety to choose from and that’s exactly what the Chantal Mia tea kettle gives you. Choose from cool colors like aqua or baby blue – or 8 other colors (as of this writing).

The Chantal Mia looks beautiful with it’s unique spout which is just right for the perfect pour over for any kind of tea or coffee.

This one is somewhere in the middle size-wise as tea water heaters go with a 32 ounce (4 cup) capacity.

Stainless Electric Tea Water Heater: Sweetwater Electric Kettle

Here’s a cordless electric tea kettle that has a lot to offer. Firstly, it’s quite large with a 1.8 L capacity. The Sweetwater is 100% stainless steel interior ensures that your water is always safe.

It’s also equipped with an automatic shut off switch when your water has reached a boil. That’s handy since it allows you to carry on with your day (instead of watching it like a hawk)  after having filled the kettle and turned it on.

With the Sweetwater tea kettle, you don’t have to worry about toxins leaching into your water – or the chemical smell that can come from it. Except for the slight possibility of plastic in the Automatic Power Shut Off Hole, the only exposed plastic is on the exterior base the kettle sits on when activated.

The Automatic Power Shut Off Hole has a sensor that tells the kettle when to shut off. Obviously, steam and over boiling water can get in there.

This is a very common feature of electric kettles, and most people don’t give it a second thought. However, I’m not most people, and that’s why I have brought this to your attention.

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Automatic Power Shut Off Hole in an electric kettle.
This image is of a different brand, but it shows the Automatic Power Shut Off Hole. What’s in that hole? I don’t really know if there is any plastic in there.

With this kettle, you can simply lift the teapot off the base and place it on a pad directly on a counter or table – and it doesn’t look out of place one bit.

It’s also very efficient in boiling water. With its 1500 Watts of power, you get fresh, hot, tea-worthy water fast. How fast? The Sweetwater kettle can boil one cup in just one minute – 3 cups in three minutes – and so on, up to 7 full cups.

Due to its stainless steel construction and insulated casing, it’s always cool to the touch – even after a fresh boil. The heat stays inside keeping your tea nice and hot, so you can enjoy a second or 3rd cup that’s almost as good as the first one.

Most stainless steel used on kettles looks essentially the same to the naked eye. But after a few uses the cheap steel used by other brands exposes itself by rusting. That doesn’t happen here with the Sweetwater kettle. Instead, what Sweetwater has deployed in its manufacturing process is an ultra low carbon, high-quality stainless steel that simply does not rust.

When it comes to the warranty, nobody beats Sweetwater in this category either. According to Sweetwater, this kettle should last up to 27 years, or even longer. And they’re so confident in the quality of their product that they are willing to guarantee two times your money back for a full year, should this product not live up to its billing. Clearly, they have plenty of happy customers, with an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars in online reviews.

Although it’s a 1.8 liter kettle, the maximum suggested fill is 1.7 L. This means you can boil up to 7 cups of water, that’s enough for a group of friends or your entire family.

It’s also easy to clean and the seamless interior makes it leak-proof. This kettle also comes with the automatic shut off switch when the water has boiled. It’s also got boil-dry protection, so you never have to worry should you leave an empty kettle on the base with the power on.


  • It’s electric and cordless (therefore powerful and portable)
  • Heats water quickly
  • You can place the kettle on the base at any position and it will work perfectly
  • Everything the water touches is 100% stainless steel
  • The lid opens wide making this kettle one that’s easy to fill and clean
  • It’s always cool to the touch on the outside
  • Water (and tea) tastes exactly as it should
  • You can use this kettle by itself since it separates from the power supply
  • You can use it make and serve any tea or other beverage – hot or cold
  • Provided manual actually makes sense and is written in clear English (what a surprise!)
  • Easy to operate and shuts off automatically
  • Saves energy versus boiling water on the stove
  • Slick black design looks great and goes with everything
  • Looks and feels like a well-made product
  • Lid props up for easy filling and the spout pours well without splashing
  • It’s a taller kettle (rather than wide) so it takes up less of a footprint on your counter
  • Keeps your tea hot and delicious for a longer time


  • There’s no window on this kettle (since there’s no plastic anywhere inside) so you have to look inside to find the maximum fill level
  • The base is relatively lightweight and when the power cord is stiff when new, so it doesn’t quite sit flat until you place the kettle on top
  • The lid is hinged and not removable (so it’s a little difficult for some to clean inside)
  • If you lift the kettle off the base before the water boils – the kettle remains on – so when you place it back on the base, it will continue until it boils for another 15 to 20 seconds (if you don’t flip the switch off manually)
  • You need to be very careful if the kettle is too full

Stainless Steel Tea Water Heaters That Deserve Honorable Mention

Bonsenkitchen 1.7L Electric Tea Kettle, Cool Touch, Fast Boiling Tea Water Heater

Looking for a bargain-priced stainless steel kettle with a decent warranty? Well then – the Bonsenkitchen 1.7 liter stainless steel tea kettle should be worth a closer look based on value alone and it offers a 12 month warranty.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll see that it’s got a lot of the bells and whistles you’d expect to see only on pricier brands. At a 1.7 liter capacity, this one would make a stellar choice as an all-purpose kettle.

Not only will it brew your tea perfectly, you can also use it for cooking. It offers 1500 Watts of power, automatic shut off and boil-dry protection, plus it’s always cool to the touch on the exterior.

With a wide opening, it’s quick to fill and easy to clean. Plus, it boils water fast (requiring just 3.5 minutes to bring 1.5 liters to a boil).

One of the customers posted a picture showing the inside of the kettle. The picture shows what they called a nub that holds the handle to the kettle, and it is covered with what appears to be silicone. That would be food grade silicone, which I believe to be quite safe. You should seriously consider this one – Click Here

Secura SWK-1201DRO Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle, BPA-Free/FDA/ETL Certified, 1.2L

Another option from Secura is this pink electric kettle model number SWK-1201DRO with a 100% stainless steel interior – including the pot, lid spout and rim, so no plastic gets near the water.

However, there is a Automatic Power Shut Off Hole that leads into the metal handle. There might be a silicone seal in there, but I really don’t know.

If pink is your color – this kettle is worth considering.

Pink colored Secura SWK-1201DRO stainless steel electric tea kettle

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It offers 1350 Watts of water heating capability, plus automatic shut-off when the water has boiled, plus boil-dry protection.

But the single best advantage this kettle offers over other models is the beautiful and stylish ergonomic handle. Not only does it look great on this one,  but unlike other kettles, it allows you to easily pour from it without engaging the thumb or wrist. That’s a big deal for those of us who are a little older and not as flexible as we once were.

Elite Gourmet EKT-1203W Cool Touch Electric Tea Water Heater Kettle.

Okay, so you don’t need a full-size 1.8 liter kettle, and you don’t want pink. We hear you.  Here’s an option that may be better suited to your needs.

It’s a 1.2 liter Elite Gourmet electric tea water heater kettle. Some customers say it is more of an ivory white than a true white color.

With 1350 Watts of power, it can boil five cups of water in about six minutes – which is pretty efficient. 

It has an Automatic Power Shut Off Hole which might have a silicone seal inside the metal handle. Just saying. Otherwise, it’s 100% food grade stainless interior makes it as safe as can be.

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Its double wall construction with insulation in between makes it cool to the touch on the outside. Although the metal top will still be hot.

It’s also got a wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning, plus automatic shut off when the water reaches a boil.

MEISON Electric Tea Kettle (BPA Free), Double Wall Cool Touch

Here’s yet another stainless steel kettle that may be ideal for your needs . It’s a 1.5 liter MEISON electric tea water heater kettle. It boasts a double wall insulated design which makes  the exterior cool to the touch.

And the 100% food grade stainless interior makes it as safe as can be. However, a customer says there is a hole that goes into the plastic handle. I assume this is the Automatic Power Off Hole.

It’s also got a wide opening – making filling and cleaning a breeze.

It also has an automatic shut off feature that activates within 20 seconds of a boil, plus boil-dry protection.

What makes it even better is the 2 year return and refund warranty.

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Americana by Elite EKT-1780BL Tea Kettle With Temperature Gauge

Looking for a tea kettle that will serve your purposes while adding a retro look to you countertop and a feeling of nostalgia? Check out the Americana by Elite. It’s a 7.2 cup (1.7 liter) electric kettle you can use for a variety of kitchen tasks and it makes terrific tea too.

With 1500 Watts, this one can boil a full kettle in less than 8 minutes and shuts off automatically once your water reaches the boiling point for safety.

What’s really cool about it is the exterior temperature gauge – so you know at a glance how hot the water is at any moment – perfect for green and herbal teas.

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It has an Automatic Power Shut Off Hole which leads into the plastic handle. So, steam may come into contact with plastic. Also, I don’t know how the thermometer is attached to the kettle. It might not even be visible on the interior, which would be great, but I just don’t know. So, that leaves open the possibility of there being a silicone seal around an exposed thermometer.

Otherwise, this kettle is completely BPA-free with an all stainless steel interior that’s cool to the touch on the outside, thanks to its double-walled construction.

Portable Tea Water Heater:  Small or Single Cup Travel Kettles

Plastic Free IronRen 0.5L Portable Mini Electric Travel Kettle

If you travel frequently on business, or you just like to take a tea or coffee with you when you leave your home – the IronRen Portable Electric Kettle may be the perfect answer.

It’s a single serving stainless steel tea kettle that’s perfect not just for tea or coffee, but for warming milk or cooking noodles or eggs.

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With 800 Watts of power, it handles single servings efficiently. Taking about 5 minutes to boil water and shutting itself off automatically once done for safety.

If you spot rust forming inside the kettle, it’s more likely that the local water is the cause. Not to worry though. It cleans up promptly with a little vinegar.

Plastic Free Portable Electric Kettle – 0.5L Mini Stainless Steel Travel Kettle

Here’s another wining pick in the portable tea kettle category. It features a stainless steel interior (with no plastic parts near the water and an exterior that is always cool to the touch.

It’s a small, single serving kettle with a 0.5 liter capacity. It boasts 800 Watts of power and a single on/off switch to activate it. Both auto shutoff and boil-free protection are enabled on this model, making it as safe as any to use.

Brand/ModelCapacityWattsTime To BoilAuto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry ProtectionCool TouchColor OptionsTemperature Gauge
7 cups
15003.5 mins to boil 1.5L waterYesYesBlackNo
Sweetwater Electric Kettle
Probably Plastic Free
7.5 cups
15001 minute per cupYesYesBlackNo

Plastic Free
1.7 Liter
7 cups
1500About a minute per cupYesYes6 colorsNo
5 cups
(not 1500)
Elite Gourmet EKT-1203W1.2L
5 cups
13506 minutesYesYesWhite IvoryNo
8 cups
12003-8 minutesYesYesAquaNo
Americana by Elite
7 cups
1500Under 8-minutesAuto shut offYesBlue

Plastic Free
32 ounce
4 cups
10003-4 minutesYesHandle
10 ColorsNo
Plastic Free
2 cups
8003-4 minutesYesYesCreamNo
Portable Electric Kettle
by Eglaf

Plastic Free
2 cups
8002 cups in under 3 minutesYesYesPink

Stovetop Stainless Steel Tea Water Heater

Plastic Free Stovetop Bellemain Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

Another category of tea water heater you might choose to consider is the stovetop type, like this one from Bellemain.

You can use it on any type of stove including electric, induction, ceramic – and wood stoves too.

It whistles to alert you when your water is ready. It’s constructed of surgical stainless steel, with aluminum layered base – so it’s lighter to lift off the stove – although the weight is still substantial and the number one complaint about it. 

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This tea kettle features a 2.75 quart capacity. It’s dishwasher safe and the riveted handle and spout knob is cool to the touch, so you don’t have to wait to pour. Thanks to the design, which basically covers any standard size burner, this kettle boils fast.

Plastic free 3 Quart Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle for ALL Stovetops

Here’s another whistling stainless steel  (this one’s by Pykal) stovetop kettle that made it to our list.

Customers love this one, giving it an exceptional 4.7 out of 5 possible stars from nearly 2800 actual customer reviews.

The handle is cool to the touch, yet it’s built for quick heating and is suitable for all types of stovetops.

Every one of these kettles ships out with 2 free infusers, so it makes an excellent gift for any tea lover with a stove.

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Stovetop Stainless Steel Tea Water Heater Comparisons

CapacityStovetopTime To BoilCool TouchColor Options
Whistling Tea Kettle
Plastic Free
2.75 Quart
10.8 cups
Induction and all other stovetopsUnknownHandle and spout leverMirror stainless

Whistling Tea Kettle
Plastic Free
3 Quart
11.8 cups
Induction and all other stovetops“3 oz. in 2 minutes”
“Like 2 minutes to boil two cups”
HandleSatin stainless

Gooseneck Stainless Steel Tea Water Heaters

Plastic Free Chefbar Stove Top Gooseneck Tea Kettle

Here’s a beautiful gooseneck stainless steel tea kettle designed to be used on a stovetop.

That means you can use it at home, in an RV, or take it on a camping trip to enjoy fresh-brewed tea or coffee on a Coleman stove.

Capacity of this tea kettle is 4 cups (one liter) and it’s constructed of premium grade stainless steel.

The handle is ergonomically designed, so it’s comfortable and easy to pour. It’s also heat resistant – so you can pick up the kettle at any time, without worry.

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Plastic Free Coffee Gator Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle With Thermometer

What we love about this stainless steel stovetop kettle is the precision flow spout that makes a perfect pour over for various types of tea – or coffee.

It offers a 34 oz capacity and comes with a built-in thermometer. This thermometer is a tremendous asset in making the perfect cup of. It removes all guess work and the result is noticeable with every sip.

This tea kettle is suitable for use on all types of stovetops, thanks to the unique three-layer bottom. This kettle should last you for years and should remain rust-free for as long as you own it.

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The inside is made entirely of stainless steel and the lid forms a metal to metal seal.

You’ll know when the water begins to boil because you can hear it, thanks to the way the lid fits.

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle With Five Variable Presets

I am assuming that this kettle is plastic free inside. It has a temperature sensing button (stainless) inside in the bottom. As far as I know there isn’t a silicone seal around that button. Which would make this plastic free inside.

Here’s a beautiful looking Gooseneck tea water heater with temperature control. It’s stylish, efficient and 100% stainless steel where it counts – so it’s completely safe. The COSORI uses 1200 Watts of power to quickly heat .85 quarts (.8 liter) of water.

You get five precision presets for any type of tea so it’s brewed just right. So if you’re looking for a green tea water heater – or something that will brew a fine cup of Oolong – this could be the best choice for you.

What’s really great about this electric gooseneck teakettle is the keep warm function that maintains the water at the ideal temperature – for up to 60 minutes. Okay, how awesome is that? It’s super helpful if you want to enjoy a second cup just because that first one was heavenly.

This model is available in three different colors – black, silver, and black with a glass Pour Over Set.

This brilliant design also means that the handle is counterbalanced, so that your poor is continuous and steady. It’s also effortless. You get a slow but steady flow of water from the spout. It’s what gives you the perfect pour over for maximum flavor.

You’ll also come to appreciate the quick boiling times served up by the COSORI kettle. You can boil a full pot of water (although the pot is on the smaller side) in just three to five minutes.

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Another beautiful thing about this particular tea kettle is that it uses British Strix thermostat technology. There’s also a boil-dry safety feature, plus an automatic shut-off switch that activates once the water reaches one of the five preset temperatures you have selected.

This tea water heater holds the temperature of the water quite well. The gooseneck spout looks stunning and it allows the perfect flow of water. It also features high-strength laser welding that makes it a leak-proof kettle. And the all food-grade stainless steel construction means that your water is completely safe.

Interesting to note is that the stainless steel lid has a cool-to-the-touch knob on top. So it’s safe to lift the lid after a boil without burning yourself. Plus, the built-in, nonslip, balanced handle makes it easy and comfortable to pour water over your tea leaves.

The inside diameter of the top is 3 inches – so there’s adequate space (for some, but not all) to get in there and clean it.

It’s very easy to use. You simply add water from the tap,and push two buttons. One to start the machine and one that sets the temperature just right for your type of brew.


  • Pours freshly brewed hot water easily and at a consistent rate that’s perfect for tea
  • Heats up quickly for all types of teas
  • The hold button keeps the water at the desired temperature until you’re ready to be able to sit down and enjoy it – whether it’s your first or fourth cup
  • There’s a perfect pour from the spout in a thin stream (but the water does comes out quickly)
  • This gooseneck kettle offers a stylish design that’s pleasing to the eye
  • Well engineered and constructed
  • Boils water as quickly as is possible with 1500 Watts
  • Excellent at holding the temperature of the tea (or plain water) in the kettle
  • Use the oolong setting for green tea and it will taste perfect every time (a tea water heater with green tea setting seems to be a rare find for some reason)
  • Boils water much faster than a stovetop kettle


  • It’s on the expensive side as far as tea water heaters go
  • It’s kind of small on the inside opening for anyone with large hands
  • Contains delicate electronics that can break down
  • Small in size

Gooseneck Stainless Steel Tea Water Heater: Electric, or Stovetop Comparisons

CapacityWatts or StovetopTime To BoilAuto Shut-Off
Boil-Dry Protection
Cool TouchColor OptionsTemp. Guage
Coffee Gator
Plastic Free
34 oz 4.1 cups
40 oz
4.9 cups
Induction and all other stovetops5-6 minutesNoHandleStainlessYes
Probably Plastic Free
3.3 cups
12003-5 minutesYesHandle & Lid KnobSilver
Matt Black
5 preset temps
Plastic Free
1 Liter 4.1 cupsInduction and all other stovetopsAbout 5-6 minutesNoHandleMirror Silver
Brushed Silver
Chefbar & Thermometer
Plastic Free
1 Liter 4.1 cupsInduction and all other stovetopsAbout 5-6 minutesNoHandleBrushed SilverYes

Plastic Free Japanese Tea Water Heater

Toptier Japanese Cast Iron Tea Kettle/Teapot With Stainless Steel Infuser

These Japanese-inspired tea kettles are a beautiful thing. They’re totally different from the typical kettle. These ones are made out of cast iron, with a polished ceramic finish.

This Toptier model is Amazon’s choice for “cast iron teapot”. It’s easily affordable, so even those on a tight budget can manage to add a great tea water heater for their home.

Toptier offers beautiful art designs – including a leaf motif design as well as a rounded, swirled-line style and both are available in a wide range of colors.

You’ll find that the extra fine stainless steel infuser is removable, so you can easily fill it with any type of loose leaf tea and enjoy a perfect cup.

Three sizes are available including the 22, 32 and 40 ounce model. For reference, the 32 ounce teapot seems just about right for brewing two to 3 cups of delicious tea at a time.

What these traditional teapots help you do is brew robust tea with maximum flavor from whatever tea leaves you use. And since they’re made of cast-iron, they should last a very long time. With the enameled interior of the Toptier teapot, the taste of your favorite tea is preserved in its original and purest form.

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It is recommended that when cleaning this teapot you only use water and you dry it completely after each use.

The ergonomically designed handle is high enough from the teapot itself to be safe to carry a pot of boiling water. But that handle also folds down out-of-the-way. The short curve spout allows for easy pouring every time.

This tea kettle makes a lovely gift for any tea lover – no matter what age. Since it’s cast-iron it’s durable and stovetop safe.

The downside of using this type of material in any practical teapot is that it’s heavier than other pots. But it’s rugged. So you can count on this one to last a number of years, as long as you take care of it.

Since it’s made from cast-iron there’s an initial treatment that is required before you start using this on a daily basis. And it’s best to avoid storing this tea kettle in a dark, humid environment for a long period time to prevent it from rusting.

Toptier’s retro-looking vintage style teapot would surely look fabulous in just about any kitchen.

It’s a solid and strong kettle thanks to the cast iron. It’s probably fair to say that this tea water heater is more durable than kettles made from glass, stoneware, stainless, porcelain, or aluminum.

You can use this teapot on an electric stove but you’ll need to be careful. Always use oven mitts while handling it, as the heat is radiated through the teapot.

You can also use this teapot when brewing cold teas by placing the tea kettle directly in the fridge. Just make sure you’ve sealed it properly first.

This teapot is also useful as a humidifier on top of a woodstove. Just be sure to always use oven mitts when handling this kettle – especially when placing it directly on the stove.


  • Since its made of cast-iron, it distributes the heat evenly and keeps the temperature of the tea just where you want it
  • Good quality teapot that should last
  • Attractive looking designs in a variety of stylish colors
  • Solid and sturdy (you never have to worry about this teapot breaking)
  • Pours perfect tea smoothly without dripping – thanks to the spout design
  • You can set it to warm on the stove and not worry about damaging the teapot (and enjoy your tea as hot as you like it)
  • 32 ounce size tea kettle may be perfect for singles and couples (not big enough for a family of tea drinkers living under one roof)
  • Retains heat well
  • This tea pot is easy to clean
  • Works great for any loose leaf tea
  • Makes drinking tea a pleasant and enjoyable experience (for those cherished moments of peace and quiet)
  • Brews the perfect pot of tea
  • Keeps water hot on its own (but you can place it on the burner on low too)
  • Stainless steel insert is well-made and fits nice
  • Handle can stand up well above the tea kettle and does not get hot


  • It’s quite heavy (as you might expect from cast-iron)
  • Its capacity may be a little bit smaller than you might think (order the size bigger than you think you’ll need)
  • It’s very hot (you need to use a pot holder or oven mitts when opening the lid)
  • Some rusting and cracking of the black enamel inside has occurred
  • Because it’s made of thick cast iron, it can take a long time to heat the water up and boil
  • Some handle edges and spouts have rusted

If you really need more options to choose from check out my article on the best water heater kettles.

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