Marey Tankless Water Heater Shower: Outdoor Portable LP

Ahhh! The comforts of home out in the wilderness – that’s what the Marey tankless water heater shower kit gives you. Imagine being able to enjoy a hot, comforting shower whenever you want –and wherever you are. Hot water showers make any outing that much more comfortable and enjoyable – whether you’re traveling in your RV or fifth wheel, camping in the wild, or visiting your off-the-grid cabin in the mountains.

Marey Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater Shower. Click Here

Any water source can help you rinse off, if the temperature is right. But often it’s just too cold. That’s when a tankless water heater – like either of the two Marey tankless water heater models we recommend – can make all the difference.

The truth is… tankless water heaters in general have multiple advantages. They are compact, energy efficient and provide endless hot water on demand. But one of the biggest disadvantages of going tankless is the higher then average upfront cost. Clearly Marey is one manufacturer who has solved this problem by offering their budget priced – Marey tankless water heater (in 5.6L and 10L sizes) – that is actually quite good.

A Long History Of Marey Tankless Water Heater Production

Marey continues to use advanced technology in the design and manufacture of water heaters – and they’ve been doing it for a long time. The company was started by Mariano Reyes, way back in 1955.

Actually, the company name was created by combining the first three letters from the founder’s first and last name. From a small upstart based in Puerto Rico. Marey has grown to a company that builds tankless water heater shower units (among others) right across America and in multiple countries around the world.

As a portable, outdoor tankless water heater, both of the Marey propane-powered models we recommend do the job handily – and at a lower than average cost. So not only do you save on operational costs, but you’ll save right out of the gate on your purchase too. Talk about a win-win.

Marey Tankless Water Heater Bundle – What You Get

  • Water heater unit (5.6 or 10 liter capacity) with standard ½ inch fittings
  • Showerhead (It’s actually multifunctional with three different settings including natural shower, massage spray, or a mist)
  • Approved propane regulator and hose
  • Internal components include a multilayered copper heat exchange which is highly-efficient at heating water to your preset temperature.
  • Marey tankless water heaters are both CSA and UL certified.

Better Than Average Warranty

Your Marey water heater should give you an excellent return for your money. With routine maintenance, there’s really no reason why a Marey tankless water heater shouldn’t last you 15 to 20 years. But like everything else – you need to take care of it. This is especially true if you move it around to various locations.

All Marey water heaters come with a five year warranty – including one full year on service. But you need to register in order to get your warranty.

This is a better warranty than many manufacturers offer, despite the fact that Marey tankless water heaters are priced significantly lower than their competitors. You can see what we mean by clicking here, or continue reading to get the full scoop.

Marey Tankless Water Heater Shower: 5 Liter, 2.7 GPM Capacity GA5PORT

This water heater is made for outdoor living. So anyone who loves camping, exploring the great outdoors, or heading out to their remote cabin or cottage – is going to love the Marey tankless water heater shower. It’s small in size, lightweight and connects quickly to any standard hose and liquid propane tank. It also comes equipped with foldable handles. This makes lifting and carrying the unit that much easier.

Once set up properly, this 5L (actually 5.6 liter) Marey water heater (model GA5PORT) delivers a steady stream of hot water at 115°F.  It also offers a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute. Surprisingly to some, this 1.5 GPM flow remains fairly consistent – even in remote areas where the underground water temperature is notably cooler.

It’s designed to be able to take with you wherever you go. Actual dimensions measure 4.7 inches deep, by 11.4 inches wide, by 17 inches high. So it’s a breeze to transport and hook up wherever your travels take you.

It’s small but mighty, cranking out 35,000 BTUs of heat – yet requires no standing pilot light. Automatic electronic starting is powered by a couple of D cell batteries (not included). It fires up consistently and automatically and it allows you to avoid the common problem of pilot lights going out.

This video shows shows how easy it is to use the Marey 1.5 GPM propane outdoor tankless shower.

This Marey water heater shower kit only kicks in when you have the faucet turned on. Like most tankless systems, this one is activated by water flow. You simply turn on the tap and then the system kicks in, heating water within seconds. When you’re done – simply turn it off.

It also means that you’re hot water system is not running constantly and wastefully burning more fuel, like a standard tank based water heater does.

Marey Tankless Water Heater Shower On-The-Go

Marey’s 5L tankless water heater is one that you can take with you anywhere you go. Even when you’re not as close to a water source as you might like to be, this compact and convenient unit can still give you the endless hot water you need for a luxurious shower. That’s because this little Marey water heater works perfectly with a 12 Volt pump to provide adequate water pressure at the showerhead.

This Marey propane-powered tankless water heater shower unit saves space, energy and money. And showers are only part of what it does. You can actually use this water heater in many ways – including for commercial operations like pet grooming, car washing, and industrial cleaning – although you may prefer the larger unit – the L10 Marey tankless water heater.

Hot Water When – And Where – You Need It

This unit is an on-demand water heater designed to provide you with endless hot water. You only heat your water as you’re using it – so it’s as efficient as it gets.

And with a track record of performance, it’s safe to say that the GA5PORT tankless will reliably deliver hot water to you – whenever you need it.

Treat your Marey tankless water heater shower with care and it’s likely you’ll be thrilled with the value of your purchase.

Interesting to note is that this tankless water heating system is actually more affordable than many tank-based water heaters. But remember – this one is designed for outdoor installation only. So it’s not a whole house system designed for use in suburbia.

 But clearly, it’s one of the most cost-effective point-of-use tankless water heaters we’ve seen to date. No – it’s not perfect. No water heater is. But it gets the job done without any trouble. And that’s what counts – when you’re counting on a nice, hot shower.

Fast, Effective and Energy Efficient

Marey has built its reputation on the efficiency and versatility of their tankless water heaters. You can use these things just about anywhere. Set up is quick with a regular garden hose and standard propane tank. Use only the energy necessary to generate the hot water you need – when you need it.

Since no external electricity source is required (just two D cell batteries) – you’re good to go and can take your comfortable shower with you in the great outdoors. Set up is relatively quick and straightforward. Just follow directions and do not over-tighten your hose connections.

That’s the best way to avoid damaging the unit and prevent leaks at the same time. You want those connections good and snug without overdoing it. But if you’ve never set up a tankless water heater before, you might want to get some help from someone who has.

Many Ways To Use A Marey Tankless Water Heater Shower

Being able to enjoy the luxury of a shower when you’re out spending your days and nights outside is irreplaceable. It doesn’t matter whether you’re exploring, hiking, fishing, or simply taking in the wonders of nature.

This Marey water heater provides an invigorating shower experience at your remote cabin, cottage, or camp site. It’s perfect for an off-the-grid second home or cabin and can also work well as an outdoor shower by the pool to rinse off before and after taking a tip. This one is a solid choice to add to your camper or RV.

In fact, this compact Marey tankless water heater is an excellent tool for camping enthusiasts of all kinds – particularly those who like to camp out in the more remote areas of the country.

A Common Frustration… And How To Alleviate It

One often cited problem with tankless water heaters in general is getting the temperature setting just right. It can take some tinkering to set it the way you prefer.

The trick is to use the adjustable settings to get the flow of the liquid propane and water temperature just right.

How to adjust the water temperature and water flow rate. Get yours today – Click Here Now

It’s always a good idea to set the temperature to your liking using the hot water tap only. Adding cold water to the mix (like most people do with a tank-based water heater) tends to interrupt the flow of water at the current temperature. It takes a bit of practice. But once you get it right – life is beautiful.

What you’re getting here is a stellar, on-demand water heater at a fantastic price. Just remember it’s probably going to take a little bit of fine-tuning and adjustment of the temperature settings to get it perfect for you – probably around 112°F – 115°F. Once you do that – you’re good to go.

Everything You Need – But the Water Itself

Value is always a key factor to consider when making a purchase and the value provided by the Marey tankless water heater shower is significant. You get the whole shower kit in one. So you can set up your shower wherever you want at a price that’s substantially lower than the vast majority of tankless water heaters.

It’s Activated By Water Flow

This model (and any tankless water heater for that matter) can only heat up the water as that water passes through the system. That’s what hot water on demand is all about.

So protecting your water heater so that water can flow, means not leaving it out when it can be exposed to the elements – particularly cold temperatures and heavy precipitation. If any water freezes insides – it will quickly ruin the core elements of the water heater.

Marey GA5PORT Summed-Up

This little unit has everything you need to enjoy a heated shower outdoors. It is compact and lightweight – designed for easy portability.

Included are the showerhead, gas regulator and hose – plus the rain cap to offer at least some degree of protection. This one heats up 1.5 gallons per minute – which is more than enough for a comfortably hot shower.

It really is perfect for campsites, cottages, cabins, trailers, tiny homes, and outdoor change-rooms for swimming pools. This one is particularly easy to carry with its built-in handle. So it’s a good choice for any off the grid location where you want to enjoy the comfort of a warm shower.

It’s quick and easy to connect to any standard garden hose and propane tank. That’s all you need in addition to the 2 D cell batteries.

For a hot water shower outdoors there’s no better solution. You don’t need a ton of water pressure either since this one is activated with even low water pressure. It uses advanced technology and decent quality components. Do-it-yourself installation to a standard propane tank is relatively quick and easy for most. And the unit comes with a five year warranty.

It’s designed to conserve energy and the adjustable settings allow you to get the flow and temperature just right. The automatic ignition system is completely independent of any electrical connection. So, you don’t have to worry about any electrical hook up or the added cost of using electricity. It also comes with multiple built-in safety sensors including an overheat sensor as well as an anti-dry heating sensor.

Marey Water Heater (GA10LP) – 10 Liter 3.1 GPM Capacity Tankless System

Another option you might want to consider is the larger capacity water heater offered by this manufacturer.

This is an INDOOR mounted tankless heater that must be vented OUTDOORS. Customers do put these in outdoor showers where it is protected from the weather.

What it does offer is twice the capacity of water flow. So this model may be more preferable to you, depending on your particular needs.

This is the tankless water heater only. You will need to provide the showerhead, gas regulator and hose.

Like the L5 model, this one will activate at the low pressure point of just 20 PSI (or less). So depending on your application, you may not need a pump at all.

However, some customers have said that they need 40-50 PSI for their location. This is due to all gas devices being less effective at high elevations.

It also comes with anti-combustion and gas pressure safety protection which is comforting to know.

Marey Tankless Water Heater (GA10LP) Click Here Now

Exhaust kit for the Marey Tankless Water Heater (GA10LP). Click Here

This has a maximum output of 3.1 gallons per minute at 115°F. It’s perfect for providing you with hot water on demand wherever you need it. And with the water flow it provides, you could run two separate showers or faucets at the same time and enjoy plenty of hot water.

These tankless water heaters by Marey are perfect for providing hot showers for campsites, cabins, cottages, swimming pool areas — and for any outdoor activities requiring hot water such as washing vehicles. It can also be used around the house or barn for various things.

It’s easy to connect to any standard liquid propane tank. Plus, a standard 1/2 inch water inlet hose is perfectly adequate for your water feed line. All components of the Marey water heater are rustproof – so you won’t endure any water loss due to leakage from corroding parts.

Temperature settings ranges from 50°F to 140°F. Also, the factory set water pressure range of 3.6 – 145.0 PSI. However, the normal operational PSI goes from 20 to 80 PSI which is quite a range.

What You Need To Know About Installation

It’s important to securely mount your Marey water heater in a vertical position. This means that the exhaust is on top and the gas and water connections are on the bottom of the unit.

Remember that this unit is designed for indoor use only and requires adequate space. About 2 feet of clearance on the top, bottom, and on both sides. It’s important to allow plenty of air circulation around the unit as the flame requires lots of oxygen to burn cleanly and efficiently.

Basic functions, installation, and differences to other models. Marey Water Heater (GA10LP)

Avoid exposing your system to harsh weather including rain, sleet, snow and heavy winds. Any of these could seriously damage your water heater. All connections on these two Marey tankless water heaters are easily made with standard fittings.

It’s important to use Teflon tape for each of the fittings – including the tape designated specifically for gas lines when connecting the water heater to your fuel source.

A Popular Choice For Consumers

It heats water efficiently and takes up very little space. This 10 liter propane tankless water heater from Marey is clearly a hit with consumers everywhere. It’s a space saver (compared to other types) that delivers as much as 3.1 gallons per minute of hot water. And it’s fully capable of providing adequate hot water flow to more than one sink or shower simultaneously. So you could use the Marey tankless water heater to supply a shower and kitchen sink running at the same time.

This model of Marey tankless water heater is ideal for swimming pool change rooms, fishing and hunting camps, cabins, and cottages alike. But it’s also an excellent choice to wash pets, cars, trucks, trailers and more.

For anyone living in an area where the incoming water is warmer – you’ll tend to get even more value out of this propane powered tankless water heater. That’s because the warmer the incoming water, the less energy that is required to heat it. And if it’s icy cold, the unit may become overwhelmed.

Tankless Is The Way Of The Future

What’s great about a tankless water heater is that it heats water on demand and provides you with an endless supply of hot water in a matter of seconds. At some point – likely years down the road – all water heaters will be tankless.

What separates Marey tankless water heaters from others is that they require no electricity in order to operate. These units do not feature a pilot light of any kind.

Instead, it gets powered by two D cell batteries, which are not included but readily available – and cheap. So, you never have to worry about your Hydro bill increasing at all by using the Marey tankless water heater shower assembly. This feature makes the entire unit much more portable.

Naturally, it’s bigger and a little heavier than the GA5PORT 5 liter model. Overall dimensions measure 6.9 inches deep by 13.6 inches wide by 23.6 inches high. So you can still take this water heater with you wherever you go.

Typical hot water delivery from this 10 liter Marey tankless averages 2.7 gallons per minute. That’s an impressive flow rate for any tankless water heater. And at this rate, it can provide hot water to two or three separate faucets at the same time. It makes for more enjoyable showers whenever you venture off-the-grid.

Plus… you’ll save significant money on utilities – some claim as much as 60% by using this tankless LP water heater on a regular basis.


  • Requires no electricity, simple battery power
  • Easy to connect (standard sizes)
  • Easy to use
  • Provides really hot water on demand
  • Great for shower and kitchen sink
  • Produces hot water consistently – and without a long delay
  • Can run two showers simultaneously
  • Quick to install anywhere near a water source
  • Adjustable water temperature is consistent
  • Works well even with low water pressure


  • 1/2 inch connections and smaller hoses may not produce an adequate flow for everyone
  • Not capable of heating water for an entire house (nor is it not designed for that)
  • Extra adapters may be required (depending on what you’re connecting to)
  • You may not get as much water flow as you’d like from the system. This is dependent upon how cold the incoming water is.

The Verdict

Get everything needed with this kit: Marey GA5PORT

10 Liter, 3.1 GPM Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater Marey GA10LP

For anyone who enjoys camping outdoors, or travelling in their fifth wheels or RV’s – the Marey water heater shower provides the perfect accompaniment.

We’ve looked far and wide and have tested many different tankless water heater brands.

What we’ve concluded is that the Marey is a quick, easy and inexpensive solution. It will provide you with the comforts of home wherever life’s great adventure lead you. Why not treat yourself today?

Want help installing the Marey GA10LP tankless water heater? Contact a local plumber – use the form below.

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