AO Smith Commercial Water Heater Cyclone Xi – 130, 100 and 60 gallon

The AO Smith commercial water heater Cyclone Xi series is the “Go To” hot water solution for many small businesses. That’s because the Cyclone Xi water heaters are 95-96% energy efficient money savers.

Office buildings, hair salons, retail shops, manufacturing and repair facilities, and countless other businesses use them. Particularly in California, where the Cyclone Xi water heaters meet the strict SCAQMD regulations.

We have compared them side-by-side so you can pick the best choice for your business.

AO Smith Commercial Water Heater Cyclone Xi.

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AO Smith Commercial Water Heater Cyclone Xi

A. O. Smith has been creating ingenious hot water solutions for more than 70 years. Millions of business owners, building maintenance engineers and commercial industries depend on an AO Smith commercial water heater Cyclone Xi.

The AO Smith Cyclone Xi commercial water heater is sold exclusively through local plumbing contractors and online plumbing wholesalers. The wide range of A. O. Smith’s products include commercial and residential: water storage tanks, boilers and water heaters.

A. O. Smith provides energy saving, cost cutting, products with extreme value anywhere hot water is required. A. O. Smith also supports its customers and products with outstanding service. That customer service is back by dedicated employees that create the very best customer experience with cutting-edge product technology.

The light-duty Cyclone Xi range consists of fully condensing, powered direct vent commercial gas water heaters. Utilizing an internally placed, helical shaped, heat exchanger. These heat exchangers assist Cyclone Xi in producing 96% thermal energy efficiency while delivering sustained hot water output.

The AO Smith commercial water heater Cyclone Xi group of gas water heaters represents the industry’s most technologically superior products. The Cyclone Xi has an innovative design that allows it to perform to the highest level with efficiencies of between 95% and 96%. Featuring a “smart” Intelligent Control System, the Cyclone Xi water heaters are smarter than the competition.

Cyclone Xi models provide excellent hot water output, with substantial operating cost savings when compared to water heaters that are only 80% efficient.

The leading-edge engineering embraced by A. O. Smith delivers sealed combustion power direct-vent or conventional power-vent versatility, excellent space-saving characteristics and low NOx emissions.

Supplied as a standard on all Cyclone Xi water heaters, powered metal anodes deliver superior tank corrosion protection for many years of worry-free operation.

Features Of The AO Smith Commercial Water Heater Cyclone Xi

  • Commercial sized tanked water heater.
  • The LCD display driven by an intelligent control system provides detail specific status information, accurate temperature control, integral diagnostics, as well as running history.
  • Powered anodes provide long-lasting tank protection for different water conditions, while not requiring inspection or maintenance.
  • A submerged combustion chamber is positioned in the tank’s center and uses a helical heat exchanger coil that is surrounded by water to effectively eliminate radiant heat loss from the chamber. The spiral heat exchanger uses centrifugal force to keep hot burner gases swirling, thereby maximizing heat transfer efficiency to water in the tank. The spiral heat exchanger also prevents sediment and scale from building on the water-side surface, which may eventually reduce energy efficiency.
  • A high efficiency down-fired pre-mix powered burner provides quiet operation and optimum efficiency. The burner is top-mounted to prevent burner operation from being affected by condensation.
  • Sealed combustion direct venting or conventional power-venting options provide mechanical venting versatility and the units can vent either through a sidewall or vertically. The exhaust pipe and direct-vent intake can be terminated through a single opening using a concentric vent assembly, or separately outside the building. The exhaust and intake uses inexpensive ABS, CPVC or PVC pipe.
  • The exclusive Permaglas ultra coat glass lining provides supreme corrosion protection by lining both sides of the heat exchanger coil to protect against flue gas condensate.
  • T & P relief valve is ASME rated and CSA certified.
  • Installation flexibility is achieved via space saving design.
  • Three year limited warranty on tank.

The AO Smith Commercial Water Heater Cyclone Xi models’ low NOx emissions comply with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule 1146.2 – Emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from Large Water Heaters and Small Boilers and Process Heaters

Three models of the the Xi series of commercial gas water heaters are reviewed below. However, AO Smith does also have other gas and electric commercial series available, such as the Mxi, HE, LV and XL.

The 3 products are identical, except for their size. As such, a number of their specifications are the same:

  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
  • Made in USA
  • Warranty: 3 Year limited Tank
  • Voltage: 120v
  • Hertz:  60
  • Max Pressure (PSI):  160 psi
  • Water Connection:  1-1/2″

Comparison At A Glance: AO Smith Commercial Gas Water Heater Cyclone Xi – 130, 100 and 60 gallon

Capacity130 gallons100 gallons60 gallons
Input BTU/HR499,900199,000120,000
Recovery 40°F Rise1439 GPH575 GPH345 GPH
Recovery 90°F Rise640 GPH256 GPH154 GPH
Recovery 140°F Rise411 GPH164 GPH99 GPH
Weight855 lbs.555 lbs.460.00 lbs.
Vent Size4″3″3″
Max Pressure10″ W.C.14″ W.C.14″ W.C.
Gas Connection1-1/4″1/2″1/2″

AO Smith BTH-500A Commercial Tank Type Water Heater

Natural Gas 130 Gallons

Cyclone Xi

499,900 BTU Input

High Efficiency Money Saver

AO Smith BTH-199

100 Gallons

199,000 BTU

Cyclone Xi Commercial Gas Water Heater

AO Smith BTH-120 Cyclone Xi Commercial Gas Water Heater

60 Gallons

120,000 BTU Natural Gas

Customer Reviews Of The AO Smith Commercial Water Heater Cyclone Xi

There are not many customer reviews around for the AO Smith commercial water heater Xi series, but customers are generally happy with the product. Customers love the recovery rate and find the integrated controller very informative.

Customers are also happy about the price and often replace commercial style water heaters from other brands with these heaters for a better experience.

One review mentions their heater giving a fault warning a few times and being wet around the base without any apparent reason. As there is no more detail supplied about these problems, it’s however difficult to determine the exact cause.

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